Who's Hiring Freelancers: SpeakWrite, Tutor.com and Barr-Nunn


If you need extra money but don't want a staff job, freelance work may be the answer. These days, companies hire freelancers for everything from writing and design to delivery and sales.

Pros and cons: You usually don't get benefits, but can often set your own schedule and may even be able to work from home. The pay is self-employment income, and is viewed differently than normal wages by the IRS. You'll need to file specific tax forms with your annual return — and, depending on what you earn, you might need to submit quarterly tax payments. On the plus side, you can deduct many of your expenses, and may qualify for the home office deduction.

Here are three companies hiring independent contractors right now.


What they do: Provider of transcription services.

Freelance opportunities available: Transcriptionists.

Requirements: Must have at least two years of transcribing/word processing experience and a typing speed of 65 words per minute.

Hours/Pay: Transcriptionists schedule their time in one-hour blocks, a week at a time. Work is available 24/7, so all hours/shifts are available. The company pays a half cent per word, which they say works out to about $10 to $12 an hour, up to $15 an hour for fast typists. They point out that your speed (and therefore your earnings) can be negatively affected if you don't have high-speed Internet or an up-to-date computer and software set-up.

Other info: If you don't already have a foot pedal, you must order one for a cost of $75.

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What they do: Provider of online tutoring services.

Freelance opportunities available: Tutors.

Requirements: Must have strong content knowledge in English, math, science or social studies at the level you wish to tutor. Must be currently enrolled in or already graduated from a U.S. or Canadian college or university.

Hours/Pay: Tutors can set their own hours; the service is available 24/7. However, they prefer applicants who can commit to at least five hours a week in the afternoons/evenings between Sunday and Thursday. Pay is based on subject areas and number of hours involved. As an example, the company says their most active Chemistry tutors earn between $800 and $1,600 per month. They also offer bonus opportunities.

Other info: They have an urgent need for bilingual tutors, and tutors with expertise in Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry or Physics. Tutors use prepared/packaged resources and other materials, so they do not need to create their own lesson plans.

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What they do: Trucking company.

Freelance opportunities available: Drivers who are owner/operators.

Requirements: Must have one year of current over-the-road experience and have a truck that's less than eight years old.

Hours/Pay: Over-the-road drivers are home every other weekend, while regional fleet drivers are home on weekends. They pay practical mileage pay, premium pay for trips less than 1,001 miles in length, and a $750 sign-on bonus. Drivers with CDL Hazmat get a slightly higher rate. The rates vary by location, driver qualifications and length of trip and are outlined in detailed charts on the company's Web site. Rates range from 88 cents per mile for drivers without CDL Hazmat on trips more than 1,001 miles to $1.91 per mile for CDL Hazmat drivers on trips of less than 100 miles.

Other info: They also have opportunities for company drivers who will be Barr-Nunn employees and will be eligible for medical coverage and other benefits.

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