Who's Hiring Freelancers: Schneider, Universal Class and HSN


If you need extra money but don't want a staff job, freelance work may be the answer. These days, companies hire freelancers for everything from writing and design to delivery and sales.

Pros and cons: You usually don't get benefits, but can often set your own schedule and may even be able to work from home. The pay is self-employment income, and is viewed differently than normal wages by the IRS. You'll need to file specific tax forms with your annual return — and, depending on what you earn, you might need to submit quarterly tax payments. On the plus side, you can deduct many of your expenses, and may qualify for the home office deduction.

Here are three companies hiring independent contractors right now.


What they do: Large trucking and transportation company.

Freelance opportunities available: Truck drivers who are owner/operators.

Requirements: Must be 21 years old with a valid driver's license and good driving record. Prefer drivers with at least a year of experience. All trucks will be inspected by a mechanic to ensure they are in good working order and pass all DOT regulations.

Hours/Pay: Hours vary by route, but many drivers are on the road up to two weeks at a stretch, with two or three days home in between. The average driver logs about 2,500 miles per week. They pay 90 cents a mile for all carrier-directed miles (loaded or empty), plus fuel surcharge.

Other info: None of their routes require travel to Canada or New York City. They also have expedited/team opportunities for drivers who can team up with a friend or relative.

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Universal Class

What they do: Education technology company that also provides online instruction.

Freelance opportunities available: Teachers and adjunct professors.

Requirements: Most subjects require a college degree plus teaching experience and credentials, but some non-academic courses — such as those involving trades or hobbies — require more personal/professional experience and less traditional classroom experience.

Hours/Pay: Teachers work an average of 15 hours per week, with flexible schedules available. Pay ranges from $9.50 to $20 an hour.

Other info: They are also seeking course material writers, who earn between 4 and 6 cents per word.

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HSN (Stock Quote: HSNI)

What they do: Major retailer, best known for their home shopping channel.

Freelance opportunities available: Fit models.

Requirements: Must be able to work on-site at the corporate offices in St. Petersburg, Fla. Must be proportionally shaped and meet specific measurement criteria for that size.

Hours/Pay: Models generally work 15 hours per week or less. Pay is $20 an hour.

Other info: They currently need female fit models who wear a size 10 or 18W, but their needs are constantly changing, so it's a good idea to watch their job listings for new opportunities. They also have full-time and part-time telecommuting opportunities for sales reps at their St. Petersburg offices and in Roanoke, Va., and Nashville, Tenn.

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