Who's Hiring Freelancers: RTUI, Mitchell 1 and Wise Payment Systems


If you need extra money but don't want a staff job, freelance work may be the answer. These days, companies hire freelancers for everything from writing and design to delivery and sales.

Pros and cons: You usually don't get benefits, but can often set your own schedule and may even be able to work from home. The pay is self-employment income, and is viewed differently than normal wages by the IRS. You'll need to file specific tax forms with your annual return – and, depending on what you earn, you might need to submit quarterly tax payments. On the plus side, you can deduct many of your expenses, and may qualify for the home office deduction.

Here are three companies hiring independent contractors right now.


What they do: National register tape advertising company.

Freelance opportunities available: Sales representatives.

Requirements: Sales experience, preferably in the B2B sector. Must have professional appearance and strong closing skills.

Hours/Pay: Hours may be long, especially at first while establishing yourself in your territory. Pay is based on commission. The company says some sales reps earn more than $1,000 per week.

Other info: Reliable transportation is required.

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Mitchell 1

What they do: Provider of business software for the automotive retail industry.

Freelance opportunities available: Sales reps.

Requirements: Sales experience, including cold calling. Experience in the auto repair industry and/or strong business management skills are preferred. Must have Windows software skills.

Hours/Pay: Work is generally done during normal business hours, but some long days may be required. Pay is based on a "lucrative" commission structure.

Other info: Company provides your inventory, extensive product training and continued sales support.

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Wise Payment Systems

What they do: Merchant bank card services, check processing, gift loyalty and rewards programs.

Freelance opportunities available: Sales reps.

Requirements: At least two years sales experience.

Hours/Pay: Company says you should expect to spend at least 40 to 45 hours per week on the job, with the majority of that time spent in face-to-face meetings with prospects either making presentations or closing sales. Pay consists of commissions, bonuses and incentives. Some commissions are paid up-front. They have signing bonuses of up to $10,000 for reps who hit certain sales levels during their first 90 days. Compensation plan is somewhat complicated, and is explained in an 11-page section on the company Web site.

Other info: You will be required to submit a daily report of your activities via phone or e-mail. Reps are required to participate in frequent training sessions via phone, online seminars, conference calls and classroom style training.

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