Who's Hiring Freelancers: Razorfish, Art & Logic and Crescent Processing Company


If you need extra money but don't want a staff job, freelance work may be the answer. These days, companies hire freelancers for everything from writing and design to delivery and sales.

You usually don't get benefits, but can often set your own schedule and may even be able to work from home. The pay is self-employment income, and is viewed differently than normal wages by the IRS. You'll need to file specific tax forms with your annual return – and, depending on what you earn, you might need to submit quarterly tax payments. On the plus side, you can deduct many of your expenses, and may qualify for the home office deduction.

Here are three companies hiring independent contractors right now.


What they do: Large interactive marketing agency.

Freelance opportunities available: They need freelancers in creative areas, media planning, sales and finance.

Requirements: Specific requirements vary by position, but most require a college degree and several years related experience.

Hours/Pay: Most opportunities involve shifts during normal business hours. Pay varies by position and experience.

Other info: This agency focuses heavily on Internet strategies, so you must be very Web savvy and comfortable using social media, viral marketing and similar tactics. They have nine offices in the U.S., and usually have freelance opportunities available at most locations.

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Art & Logic

What they do: Custom software development firm.

Freelance opportunities available: Software developers.

Requirements: The firm works on a wide range of projects involving different programs and types of code, so they prefer candidates who have diverse backgrounds, as opposed to people who specialize in just one narrow area. Applicants must complete a programming test, which involves writing code and can take between 8 and 10 hours to complete.

Hours/Pay: Hours are somewhat flexible, but they generally like you to do most of your work between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., relative to your local time zone. Pay depends on experience.

Other info: Freelancers work from home, so they can be based anywhere in the U.S.

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Crescent Processing Company

What they do: Provider of payment processing systems to small and medium-sized merchants in the U.S.

Freelance opportunities available: Independent outside sales reps.

Requirements: Good sales, communication and presentation skills. Must have reliable transportation and a cell phone.

Hours/Pay: Most work will be done during normal business hours on weekdays. Commission-based pay system, with commissions wired to you daily. The company says that reps who close one out of every three appointments will make $4,000 to $10,000 per month. You can also receive a monthly bonus of up to $450 based on productivity to cover gas, car and cell phone expenses.

Other info: You would use a company-provided laptop with a built-in four-minute sales presentation hosted by Terry Bradshaw.

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