Who’s Hiring Full-Time: UFC, eBay and the CIA


Unemployed? Worry not! MainStreet is finding companies that are hiring full-time workers—right now.

eBay (Stock Quote: EBAY)

Who They Are: Largest and most well-known online auction company; the eBay corporation also includes PayPal, Skype, StubHub and other entities.

Where They Are: Based in San Jose, Calif., with numerous locations worldwide.

What They Want: There are lots of openings in numerous areas including marketing, customer service and tech/engineering.

Coolest Job: Imagine spending your day cruising eBay listings - and getting paid for it. The Seller Analytics Manager studies the habits and demographics of eBay’s top sellers, and presents their insights about these sellers to other eBay teams. Requires college degree and five years related experience.

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Who They Are: Ultimate Fighting Championship, a premiere mixed martial arts organization.

Where They Are: Based in Las Vegas.

What They Want: They have openings in sales/marketing, security and Web/creative design.

Coolest Job: If you like the UFC, you’ll love the Web Content Coordinator opportunity because it involves contacting all the fighters and compiling their bio information. You would also maintain an active fighter database and oversee the historical pages. Requires related professional or college experience. Note: the UFC job site also lists openings for its sister organization, WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting).

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Who They Are: The Central Intelligence Agency, a large organization that handles U.S. security and intelligence-gathering operations.

Where They Are: Based in Washington, with employees/operatives all over the world.

What They Want: Besides the obvious (spies), they need people with extensive skills in science, technology, foreign languages and administration.

Coolest Job: Let’s face it, just being able to say you work for the CIA is pretty darn cool (even though usually you might not be able to say it). But anything in the Clandestine Service division is ultra cool. This is the type of spy work we all associate with the CIA. Jobs involve undercover work and lots of time overseas. Qualified trainees must go through a year-long training program. Needless to say, you must also be able to pass an extremely thorough background check.

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Bonus Cool Job of the Week

Jakks Pacific (Stock Quote: JAKK) is looking for a Disguise Design Director. Jakks is well-known as the producer of action figures for major companies like WWE (Stock Quote: WWE) and Neopets, but they also have a large Halloween costume and accessory company called Disguise, which creates fashion costumes based on characters from top brands like Mattel (Stock Quote: MAT), Disney and Marvel. You’d be responsible for overseeing and executing the design department’s vision for numerous product lines, and would need to keep track of more than 500 new costumes and related products each year. Cool perks: your office would be on the beach in San Diego, and you’d be surrounded by more cool toys than you can imagine. Apply here.

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