Who’s Hiring Full-Time: Toshiba, Black & Decker and Alloy Media & Marketing


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Who They Are: Major technology company known for its laptops and other electronics.

Where They Are: The company's American division is based in New York, with numerous offices and locations across the U.S.

What They Want: Tech professionals are in high demand. They also have openings in sales, marketing and product development.

Coolest Job: They need an Environmental Health & Safety Manager who will develop, implement and manage environmental health and safety programs for the company's power generation activities. Candidates must have eight to 10 years experience in environmental health/safety, a college degree and experience dealing with relevant federal agencies.

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Black & Decker (Stock Quote: BDK)

Who They Are: Manufacturer of power tools and other hardware products

Where They Are: The power tools division is headquartered in Towson, Md.; There are other division headquarters and offices at various U.S. locations.

What They Want: They have openings in sales and marketing, retail operations, engineering and customer service. Interest/experience with power tools or hardware is a plus.

Coolest Job: There's an opening for a Senior Internal Audit Manager, Fraud Investigation & Special Projects who will lead proactive fraud risk management, train internal auditors and complete special investigations. Requires an accounting degree, CPA experience and knowledge of fraud risks and scenarios. 

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Alloy Media & Marketing

Who They Are: One of the largest providers of targeted media programs, specializing in campaigns for the youth market.

Where They Are: Offices in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and other locations.

What They Want: They need all types of PR and advertising professionals, and also have openings in sales, online marketing and video production. They also need brand ambassadors to work on various college campuses nationwide.

Coolest Job: They need a Senior Copywriter who will brainstorm creative ideas for advertising campaigns. Cool perk: The job requires you to keep abreast of the latest trends and pop culture, so you'd have a work-related reason to watch your favorite TV shows. You also need a college degree and seven to 10 years experience in a related role.

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Bonus Cool Job of the Week

If you're a news junkie with online media skills, you might be a good candidate for this position. ABC News has an opening in its Washington bureau for a Digital Media Producer. Job duties include writing original stories for ABCNews.com and managing web production of stories. You must have network news experience, with online experience preferred.

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