What To Do About Your Crummy Job


Can't wait to leave your crummy job?

You are not alone: Statistically speaking more than half of your coworkers do, too.

It's just a little fact of life these days, known as the recession that is preventing them (and probably you) from booking it out the door.

In fact, 54% of U.S. workers would like to leave their job when the recession ends, according to the latest ‘American Workplace Insights’ survey by career service and staffing firm Adecco Group North America.

More than 70% of the youngest group surveyed, Gen Y, also said they would be looking for a new job once the economy rebounds.

The survey, which included both full and part-time workers, also revealed some not-so-surprising trends. Workers who are 60 or older are increasingly delaying retirement (44% vs. 33% this past December). Also those younger workers, with fewer financial obligations, are more likely to leave their job before the recession ends, if it comes to pay cuts. Fewer than 10% of Gen Y workers said they would be willing to take a pay cut, compared to 22% for both Gen X and Baby Boomer wage earners.

So what do you do to make the job you have more palatable while waiting for the market to return? Adecco suggests the following:

1. Work with a Mentor

According to Adecco, mentees feel more connected to their job.

2. Focus on Small, Positive Victories

Keeping morale high makes a big difference.

3. Ask About Flexible Work Opportunities

Increased productivity, fewer absences, and company cost savings are all benefits that come into play when schedules become more flexible. A four-day workweek is possible for many, and it starts by asking your supervisor about possible flex arrangements.

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