Weekend Deals: Express, Aeropostale Clearance Sales


Looking to beef up your wardrobe for October? Aeropostale and Express are both offering great clearance sales on their websites this weekend.

First up is Express, which is knocking an additional 20% off clearance items that were already up to 70% off. The extra 20% is taken out after you’ve added the item to your cart, and no coupon code is required.

Here are a few select items from the sale that caught my eye:

Studded Casual Fit Military Shirt 
Normal Price: $69.90  Sale Price: $23.99

This doesn’t really look like what they wear in the military, but the price is certainly right. It was already marked down to $29.99, and the extra 20% brings it down to $23.99, for a total savings of 65%.

Plaid Nylon Racer Jacket 
Normal Price: $128.00  Sale Price: $55.99

As happens every October, it’s going to start getting cold before you know it. Get this coat for a total savings of about 56%.

Embellished 2-in-1 Dress
Normal Price: $79.90  Sale Price: $29.99

I don’t wear dresses myself, but I’m told this dress is “cute.” It’s also $23.99 after savings, a cute little number that comes out to 70% off by my math.

Meanwhile, Aeropostale is holding a weekend clearance sale on men’s and women’s items. You can get an additional 30% off clearance items by entering the promo code CLEAROUT at checkout. The code is listed right there on the website so I don’t know why they don’t just apply the savings automatically. As with any clearance sale, sizes are limited, but here are a few items that are still available in most sizes.

Aero Athletic Champs Graphic Tee
Normal Price: $19.50  Sale Price: $4.19

This shirt proudly announces that you hail from the Aeropostale Athletic Dept., whatever that means. After the discount you wind up getting 78% off, though the shipping will cost more than the shirt.

Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt
Normal Price: $39.50  Sale Price: $9.09

This is a pretty nice shirt, and it has two breast pockets in case one just isn’t enough for you. You get 77% off with the promo code.

Super Dark Destroyed Skinny Jean
Normal Price: $54.50  Sale Price: $11.89

These jeans are nearly 80% cheaper than their original price, which makes sense given that they’ve apparently been destroyed. 

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