Want Your Kids to Do Their Chores? Use Technology


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Getting kids to stay on top of their chores has always been a challenge for parents, but it seems new technology is allowing today’s moms and dads to find clever ways to make sure those dishes get washed and beds get made.

According to data from DoughMain, a Princeton, N.J.-based family financial software provider, parents are increasingly using online chore charts kids can access from their smartphones and iPads to remind them to do their chores.

“Using online chore charts, parents can teach kids about their responsibility to contribute to the household and keep track of these efforts with a digital tool,” DoughMain says in a statement. “By connecting chores to allowance or a rewards program, parents can also teach kids about the fundamentals of money management through real-world experiences.”

The company reviewed 1,500 families who use DoughMain’s “Chores Tracker” tool to uncover the most common types of chores parents are assigning their kids via digital devices.

Here are the most popular items on that list:

  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Clean bedroom
  • Do homework
  • Make bed
  • Be on time for bus/school
  • Clean bathroom

The trend in household chore assignments is reminiscent of the line from an old bank robber named Willie Sutton. Asked why he robbed banks, Sutton memorably replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

A similar philosophy applies to parents and chore lists: Reaching out to kids on their digital devices is smart household business because, to paraphrase Sutton, that’s where the kids are.

There seems to be plenty of incentive for kids to stay on top of their tasks: Accordingly to a June survey from American Express (Stock Quote: AXP), a whopping 71% of parents paid their children to do their chores last summer.

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