Wal-Mart vs. Target: The Bargain Face Off


As we reported last week, many retailers ramped up their Black Friday deals nearly a month in advance in an attempt to attract more Americans weary about spending money in this economic climate.

But two companies seem to be in a head-to-head death match to win the day: Target (Stock Quote: TGT) and Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT).

Target has a full arsenal of bargain goods. They announced an HDTV for $246 and are planning a fair share of gift card opportunities as well (though they are only worth $10). On top of that, Target just leaked its ace in the hole, $3 kitchen appliances. The retail store will offer items like coffee makers, sandwich makers and toasters for 300 pennies each.

Target may have a bit of an uphill battle, though, as most customers still have the perception that Wal-Mart is the cheaper store, despite the fact that a recent analysis of goods offered showed Target actually costs a little less.

Wal-Mart has already announced its fair share of incredible Black Friday deals this year. Wal-Mart is holding weekly shopping events leading up to the holidays. They have already offered bargain priced HDTVs and laptops. Now, they’ve announced that customers who buy any of these cell phones from tomorrow through November 20 will get a $100 gift card.

Plus, Wal-Mart is planning to extend its holiday hours, staying open from 6am on Thanksgiving through the night and all of the next day.

We’re excited to see what else these two retail giants pull out in anticipation of the biggest sales day of the year. If this is a battle, it’s one that can only benefit consumers.

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