Virginia Tornadoes Highlight Insurance’s Importance


Tornadoes tore across the state of Virginia on Monday, decimating at least 145 homes and injuring over 200 people, which prompted Gov. Tim Kaine to declare a state of emergency. So far there appear to be no fatalities, although the Associated Press reports that six of the injured are in critical condition and six are in serious condition.

The damage from a tornado is often covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy but not necessarily. It is important to check with each individual policy. You can check out the policies yourself for Liberty Mutual (SAF) and AIG (AIG). And in addition to homeowner’s insurance, Allstate (ALL) offers a special service for Catastrophe Claims and they may send a catastrophe claim specialist out to assess damage to your home or to your vehicle.

And, while you’re getting your insurance in order, MainStreet can advise you on how to start an emergency fund to fall back on if the unthinkable happens.


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