VIDEO: Why Steve Jobs' Weight Loss Worries Investors


Turns out two of Apple's (AAPL) most beloved franchises unveiled a slimmer look this past week. And while one's thinner look was applauded, the other's is causing concern.

The buzzing began June 9 when CEO Steve Jobs revealed Apple’s newest creation, the second generation 3G iPhone, to the Worldwide Developers Conference. During his keynote, he also revealed a skinnier, and almost sickly, appearance.

Jobs, who has suffered from pancreatic cancer in the past, did not make any mention of his apparent weight loss, and calls into Apple for comment have gone unanswered but, the eyes don’t lie and there is certainly something different about the way he looks.

And with release of the new iPhone just about a month away, some investors are saying that Apple should make a statement regarding the health of their leader. After all, would the computer company remain successful without Jobs at the helm?’s Kristin Bentz and Alix Steel sit down to talk about Apple's future were Jobs to leave the company. “Communication is the key with investors when you have an issue like this," says Bentz. "If they’re not addressing it, that’s a big negative.”
The big positive is that Bentz and Steel are not afraid to address the matter. Learn more of their valuable insights on the company that everyone is talking about.

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