Video: Vespas Steer Consumers In A Gas Saving Direction


Gas prices hit a high of $3.07 a gallon in May 2007. By May 2008, they topped $4. And as gas prices cruised upwards, so did the sales of Vespa scooters.

Scooters, on average, get 50 to 70 mpg, produce 65% fewer emissions than the average car, and cost about $5 to fill up at the pump. The Vespa also gets more than double the mileage per gallon of the Toyota Camry (TM), and even beats the Prius by about 15 mpg. So, it’s no surprise Vespa USA’s sales jumped 105% from May 2007 to May 2008.

If it’s such a sweet deal, then why doesn’t everyone toot around town on a scooter? Weather, nerves, fear, inconvenience and safety are just a few of the reasons. But if you’re looking to save some dough on petroleum, maybe a scooter is just the thing to rev up your savings account, as well as your heart rate.

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