Video: The Tourists Are Coming For Our Ping Pong Balls


“Everything here is half price for us!” Trilled a chap from London, who we found outside the Century 21 department store, shopping bags in hand. Okay, thanks, we hate you.’s offices are down on Wall Street and every day we’ve got scads of tourists blocking our paths on the sidewalk. We shoved a microphone in a few of their faces as we inquired about their shopping sprees, courtesy of the weak American dollar.

Just how weak? He wasn’t kidding about everything in America being “half price.” According to’s currency exchange rate, the British pound is worth $1.9, and the European Union’s euro is worth $1.5.

Watch our video below to hear how Californians are dumpster diving instead of shopping, Brits are coming for a good steak, and South African tourists are coming for our ping pong balls. Name brand ping pong balls, that is.

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