VIDEO: The New iPhone Line Starts Here, Ends on July 11


With so many exciting rumors swirling the techie world in anticipation of Steve Jobs' June 9 new iPhone announcement, it was no surprise that fans from around the globe lined-up in front of U.S. Apple stores (AAPL), just in case.

The most excited phone anticipators are probably the Europeans. Currently folks from across the pond are able to use the iPhone only if they buy one in the U.S. and then are able to unlock it. The new phone is likely to be much more popular because it will not have to be imported.

Share the excited created by what some call the “ultimate gadget.” The 3G version of the iPhone combines all the capabilities of current cell phones, GPS devices, iPods, cameras, and video devices into one. Click here to see what so many are devoutly awaiting.

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