VIDEO: Our New iPhone Wish List


What features do you want to see on the new iPhone (APPL)?

Many iPhone users spoke and’s senior technology correspondent, Gary Krakow, listened (and then compiled a list of the suggestions).

Some desire a phone that is "more physically robust" and capable of being dropped without the screen cracking. Others hope for a 3-megapixel camera, still others would love to always be connected to the Internet. Meanwhile, Gary is giddy for a 'task list' feature, because writing a 'to do' list is something you can’t easily do on an iPhone; unless you want to tap it out on the tiny keyboard in the 'Notes' feature.

Next up: What features would you like to see different on your BlackBerry (RIMM)? In the meantime, check out this video and if you’ve got any suggestions, let Gary know at

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