VIDEO: New Neighbor? Chances Are She's Single


Bachelor pads get all the attention, but women owning keys to her very own castle are the latest trend in homeownership.

Single women comprised 20% of home buyers in 2007, according to a study of the National Association of Realtors. That’s a sizable upswing from 1995, when a NAR study showed women only comprised 15% of total homebuyers. For some comparison, single males only comprised 9% of home buyers in both 1995 and 2006.

While the majority of home buyers are married couples, women have increased purchasing power and aren’t waiting for a ring on their finger to buy a home. Check out how one such woman, NYC’s Petra von Ziegesar, became a condo owner when she didn’t think she could afford it…only to watch her investment go up high enough to rival her view.


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