VIDEO: Is The Palm Centro Worth $99?


Sure a $199 iPhone sounds like a great deal, but what if you could get a phone with many of the popular smart phone features, for half that price?

As some consumers await the arrival of the new iPhone (AAPL), others are shopping for smart phones they can use right now. So the new Palm Centro (PALM) may be just what budget-conscious folks need. With a price tag of $99, the sales of the phone recently topped 1 million. (On there hand, iPhone’s market share went down in the first quarter.)

But is the new Palm a contender that may lure away potential iPhone buyers, or a pretender with lackluster bells and whistles? And how do other smart phones compare? For answers,'s Alix Steel chats with Tech Expert Gary Krakow about Apple's latest, this fall's new BlackBerry (RIMM), and what you can learn from Palm’s new petite phone. Check it out.

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