VIDEO: In This Case Having Hot Dogs at the Wedding is OK


You may not own a tuxedo, but Eli Biehl has one, and a slew of additional formal attire for special events. That's good because this Chihuahua is getting married soon.

MainStreet met Eli, his freshly paw-icured fiancée Vanilla, and their owners, who were all working the crowd at Milk-Bone’s (DLM) recent 100th Anniversary in Times Square in New York. Among the many four-legged friends in their finest were celebs, too, such as former Dancing with the Stars (DIS) contestant, Cristian de la Fuente.

Pet owners are expected to spend an estimated $43 billion on their pets this year, up from $23 billion ten years ago. The pet product trends for 2008, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, include faux mink coats, designer plaid jackets, holiday outfits, and matching jeweled and leather collar and leash sets.

Dog wedding dresses are not on the list, but maybe Eli and Vanilla are starting a trend of their own. With nearly 45 million dog owners in the U.S., according to the National Pet Owners Survey, that means there are more than 22 million potential upcoming pet weddings. In the meantime, MainStreet sends Eli and Vanilla a hearty congratulatory bark! To learn more, enter the world of pampered pooches by clicking here.

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