Video: Honda's Hydrogen Car Promises Gas Price Relief


Drivers around the country are feeling the pinch of the rising gas prices in their wallet each day. As a result they are all looking for new and efficient ways to save at the gas pump.

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Some mile misers are simply driving less, others, like the drivers at UPS, are saving by avoiding left hand turns and un-needed idling while still others have resorted to purchasing hybrid cars which get their power from a combination of electricity and gas. But, now there is a new choice and it doesn’t require drivers to purchase any gas at all. It is the new Honda FCX Clarity (HMC) and it runs on a combination of hydrogen and electricity.’s Alix Steel reports that the new cars are two times more efficient than hybrid cars and releases zero emissions into the atmosphere. These vehicles of the future will first be released in Japan but a lucky few Southern Californians will get to lease the Clarity this summer. Will you buy one when they come to a dealership near you? Tell us why, or why not at

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