VIDEO: Are You a Serial Entrepreneur?


You may have inspired ideas for a new business, but are you truly an entrepreneur? Try measuring your passion for starting something new up against that of "serial entrepreneur" Lance Broumand, the founder of UrbanDaddy.

To learn what makes him tick,’s Alix Steel talks to Broumand about how he grew his email magazine about nightlife, style and travel into a brand with a 300,000 person-strong readership. UrbanDaddy now sends a daily update on the deal, discount or hotspot that readers need to know about in New York, San Francisco or Las Vegas. Next up? Daily UrbanDaddy reports for Chicago and Miami.

Broumand says he's always been creative: Even while in law school he developed what he calls the first online coupon. And his first biz idea only whet his appetite for further entrepreneurship. "Once you start as an entrepreneur and sort of understand the game and love it a little, I think you have to keep doing it," says Broumand. To learn more, watch the video!

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