Vegas to Obama: Step Off!


Las Vegas wishes President Obama would chill on the anti-Vegas rhetoric. As reported by the AP, “After sparking a firestorm of criticism from Nevada's elected officials for suggesting that people saving money for college shouldn't blow it in Las Vegas, Obama told U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a letter that he wasn't saying anything negative about Las Vegas.”

This is the second time the President has used Las Vegas as a convenient example of irresponsible spending. But, what exactly is wrong with that? People saving money for college SHOULDN’T blow all their cash in Vegas. That’s not terribly controversial advice.

We know that Senator Reid is from Nevada and he’s got to represent—and he loves seeing himself on the teevee—but perhaps he should use this opportunity to keep his mouth shut. After all, the press just recently got over his “Negro dialect” remark. I think THAT was a lot more insensitive than counseling would-be gamblers to be more responsible. That said, perhaps next time the President should use Atlantic City as his example (though Jersey already has its share of awesome PR problems).

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