Update: More on Stealing Jobs from Teens


Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything (pat pat), but last Wednesday we ran a piece called How to Steal Jobs from Teenagers, with some helpful tips for unemployed grown-ups looking to score summer work. And yesterday, The New York Times ran a piece called At the Shore, Trying to Add ‘Corndog Fryer’ to a Long Résumé in which they follow the recently unemployed as they try to land jobs on the Jersey Shore.

It’s a solid piece that takes a good, close look at this issue, raising many of the concerns we brought up in our piece, like this:

“As for the jobs that are being filled, many business owners say they would rather hire students on summer break than their newly unemployed parents, because, they say, many older workers consider themselves overqualified to fry corndogs at $7.25 an hour and are liable to quit midsummer if a year-round job arises… ‘It’s hard enough to bring yourself to actually apply for a job that pays, what, not even half of what you’re used to making,’ said Laura Rozamus, 58, who looked for work along the boardwalk in Absecon after losing her job in customer service for Blue Cross. ‘But to be turned down, again and again, just makes you sad — and frustrated.’ ”

Ms. Rozamus, that is indeed a bummer, but it shouldn’t be wholly unexpected. As we noted, “Be warned: This teen job will likely come with teen pay.”

So, did the folks at the Times see our post before they put this story together? We may never know. But we’d like to think we had something to do with it.

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