Unemployment Up, Here Are Places Hiring


More government reports on jobs are out, and it's no surprise the news is not great.

Here's a rundown on what the current state of job losses and unemployment stats, (and also a couple of links to employers who are hiring right now, read on).

More People are Jobless: The Labor Department reports that the August unemployment rate rose to 9.7%, that's the highest in more than a quarter century. The Labor Department also stated the number of laid-off workers applying for benefits dipped to 570,000 from an upwardly revised 574,000. There are now an estimated 14.5 million jobless Americans.

Rate is Far From Healthy: The dip in benefit claims was a smaller improvement than expected, and claims remain far above the roughly 350,000 that economists view as a sign of a healthy labor market.

Jobless Rate to Keep Rising: Most economists expect the jobless rate to keep rising until at least next summer, further restraining household incomes and consumer spending.

Benefits are Running Out:
The number of Americans continuing to receive benefits rose unexpectedly to 6.23 million. Also, more than 1.3 million Americans' unemployment insurance benefits will run out by the end of the year— in some cases after a record 18 months of government support.

And now for a spot of better news.

Some Companies are Hiring: Every Monday and Tuesday, MainStreet posts companies that are hiring full-time and part-time workers.

In addition MainStreet provides up-to-date tips on how to get your career on track whether by cold calling, branding yourself online or just ordering a new business card for networking.

Here are the latest stories on where new job opportunities can be found:

Who’s Hiring Full-Time: UFC, eBay and the CIA

Who's Hiring Part-Time: H&M, Information Resources and Omaha Steaks

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