Twitter Paradox: 10 Billion Tweets and Still Worthless


Sometime last night, Twitter passed the 10 billion tweet mark and is still going strong. Unfortunately, the milestone post came from a protected user, meaning that their tweet was not public. However, if the posts before and after are any indication, the 10 billionth tweet was just as meaningless and random as all the others on this social network.

Tweet #9,999,999,999 was a link to “Urban Decay Photograph,” and the pictures are actually quite pretty (and probably much more well-publicized than anyone had imagined.) And tweet #10,000,000,001 simply said “DON’T U EVER” although this user has since protected their own tweets. (Thanks to Mashable for finding these!)

Even more impressive than the milestone itself is the speed with which they reached it. Twitter launched in 2006 and as the Washington Post notes, it was less than 5 months ago that Twitter hit 5 billion tweets. Now, Twitter broadcasts about 50 million tweets every day from its 27 million users. So, needless to say, it’s growth in the past few months has been explosive.

Yet, this is as good a time as any to take a quick analysis of the state of Twitter. Twitter may be popular, but is it successful? One marketing index recently valued Twitter to be worth just $1.4 billion. Obviously that’s not pocket change, but the same index also valued Facebook at $11.5 billion.

This may change in the near future though as Twitter is reportedly close to including ads on the site, which may make it more profitable. According to ABC, “Twitter ads will probably be served when a user initiates a search. Let's say, for instance, you initiate a search inside of Twitter for a popular movie you would like to see. This could generate an ad promoting The Academy Awards on ABC.”

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