TSA: Pasties Could Lead to Pat-Down


NEW YORK (MainStreet) - There's no such thing as a quick fix.

According to the Transportation Security Administation (TSA), covering your private parts with products before walking through an airport scanner could bring about that pat down you were hoping to avoid.

"If there is something shielding an area and we don’t know what’s under it, we have to conduct a pat-down," the TSA explained in a recent  blog post.

While the spokesperson doesn't cite products that could spur a pat-down specifically, he does mention the risks associated with using stainless steel plates designed for carry on bags that display snarky messages when X-rayed such as, “This Will Get Your Bag Searched” (Hint: It will).

Other companies, like Colorado-based RockyFlatsGear, marketed a line of fig-leaf underwear that supposedly shields your privates from TSA scanners back in November. There's also Flying Pasties, stickers that are meant to be slipped into your bra and/or underwear to cover private areas.

But just like packing shampoo or nail clippers in a carry on, these items are best left at home.

"We're certainly not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy or wear, but I feel it’s only fair to give you a head’s up on your choice of attire," the TSA representative wrote.

Full-body scanners have received considerable backlash from consumers who feel the scans violate their privacy. The TSA also incurred more scrutiny back in November when it introduced the procedure, which is administered when a passenger either sets off a metal detector or chooses to opt out of a full-body scan.

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