Toyota’s Confusing Catch-22 Recall


As reported by CNN, “Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told lawmakers Wednesday that Toyota owners should stop driving cars affected by the recall and bring them back to the company.”

This was, earlier this morning, a story that received’s bright yellow BREAKING NEWS treatment — so it’s definitely very important, guys.

Unfortunately, LaHood’s advice is also a bit confusing. How can you get your car to the dealership, when he doesn’t think you should be driving it at all? Bit of a Catch-22, no? (LaHood has since told the media he misspoke, and that you can drive your car to the dealership. Hurray!)

On a more positive note, though, this could be the perfect opportunity to touch up on your macro psychokinesis skills. Macro-PK, for the uninitiated, is the ability to move large objects using only mind power.

If you think this recall is bad, wait till you hear about some of the worst ones in history. Click here to check out MainStreet’s story on epic car failures.

Also, I may be a bit premature here, but I’m calling an Audi on this one: it will take Toyota years to get over the bad press wrought by this whole “our gas pedals sometimes kill innocent families” thing. Sales at rival automakers Ford and Nissan were up substantially last month.

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