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Although you might hear a lot of hype about "Cyber Monday" this week, there is still plenty of shopping to be done in your local brick and mortar stores. But will you be able to figure out the deals without spending hours away from home? There’s an iPhone app that could become your new shopping sidekick.

A newcomer to the "Top Paid Finance Apps" list in the App Store is the CompareMe iPhone app. With an onslaught of popular reviews for its October update release and an agreeable 99-cent price tag, CompareMe quickly hit the big time and achieved Apple’s "What’s Hot" notoriety.

This easy-to-use app serves as your perfect comparison-shopping tool. Specifically, it allows you to compare prices for items in different sizes, quantities and amounts. Let’s say one can of shaving cream comes with a two-pack deal including two 12-ounce canisters for the price of $7.99, while a 26-ounce can of a similar product is on sale for $8.59. Which one is the better buy?

Sure, it only requires a little bit of simple math to figure out that equation, but we’re not in 4th grade anymore, solving it won’t prove much when it means a total of an extra 45 minutes at the grocery store.

The app will also take into account any discounts or premiums that will come along with your purchase. Perhaps you’ll get an added bonus for paying by credit card rather than cash. CompareMe lets you quickly include them to your comparison.

The creator of CompareMe, codeddifferent, has also included a helpful video walkthrough of all that the app offers on their Web site.

CompareMe can also come in handy when making larger purchases like automobiles or home appliances. When the salesman is showing that there is some bargaining room in the sticker price, just bust out CompareMe to do some quick calculations and gain the upper hand.

For small business owners, this app will be a lifesaver when it comes to wholesale orders. If you’re a contractor who spends a lot of time at Home Depot, it can be hard to calculate the per unit price on a bulk order of lumber. Throw in some items on sale that day and the calculations get even more complicated. CompareMe is great because it accommodates a plethora of price differentials including length, size and various foreign measurements. Find the best deals for your business and improve your bottom line.

The distinguishing factor when it comes to simple applications like this is the ease of use rating. CompareMe scores very high in this category. If you’re really going to use this app in a point of sale situation, you need it to load quickly and work intuitively. It does both of these things with charm. The application is built to run fast with clear text, large buttons and simple, color-coded results.

If you’re a price-conscious shopper who buys in bulk frequently, CompareMe is a great purchase for you. The money you’ll save on half a purchase will let the application pay for itself. Frugalistas, recessionistas and whatever other made-up words are being used to describe one’s thriftiness will all collectively rejoice after using this app. However, if you’d rather not get into the nitty-gritty of pricing per unit and hitting the grocery story for more than 10 minutes per outing, you’ll probably want to give this a pass.


Application: CompareMe

Cost: $0.99

Use: Allows users to comparison shop items of different prices, volumes and sizes.

Download iPhone App via iTunes

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