Today On MainStreet: Personal Finance


The personal finance blogs are a buzz with great ways to make the most of your money. Check out some of the week's most interesting posts:
Generation Y may have nothing to worry about when it comes to the job market RealWorldReally says they may be the recession-proof generation.

Get your credit score in order because FreeMoneyFinance says a 790 credit score is barely enough in today's loan market.

Baglady says make sure your employer isn't robbing you blind.

Doesn't everyone want to know how to become a high net worth individual? Well, Journey to Financial Freedom has some pointers.

Personal Finance Resources gives a lesson on when to refinance.

Have you ever wondered why credit cards give back cash rewards? Credit Withdrawal has the answer.

Pants in a Can eliminated $28,000 in credit card debt and says you can do it too.

With the country in a recession some, like Cash Money Life , are job searching while employed.

Million Dollar Journey defines the differences in non-refundable tax credits and tax deductions.

Looking to bring in some more money? The Financial Blogger considers how to create an alternative source of income.



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