Tina Fey On Paying Debt


Even though 30 Rock does not return with new episodes until April 10, MainStreet got some funny money advice from the comedy’s star, Tina Fey,

It should be no surprise to American Express (AXP), which has signed her as a pitchwoman, that Tina’s a big fan of keeping her charge card balances clean. “My parents told me to always pay off your credit cards every month,” she says. “Never carry credit card debt.”

When asked where she invests the money she saves on late fees, Fey replies promptly: “I invest only in fur and animal poachers. No, I’m just kidding. That’s a joke.” (Paint buckets down, PETA; Fey says causes that are environmentally sound, and conservative in risk, are close to her heart.)

“I have a business manager and I am always asking him, ‘There is nothing bad for the earth in there? Nothing really evil in any of these mutual funds?’ And, he is like ‘No, no it’s all alright.’ And, then, I ask him, ‘Well, is there anything then that I could lose all my money in?’ He says, ‘No no, they’re very conservative. You’re very conservative.’” Luckily for viewers, that conservative mindset doesn’t spill over to her comedy.

Catch Fey this weekend, not wearing fur, hosting the return of Saturday Night Live, which, like 30 Rock, is on General Electric's NBC (GE). Carrie Underwood is the scheduled musical guest.


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