Those Second-Generation Immigrants: All About the Hard Work and Success


By Alden Wicker

NEW YORK (Learnvest) — It seems that America is still the land of opportunity, especially for children of immigrants.

A Pew study released Thursday shows that second-generation immigrants have, not surprisingly, surpassed their parents in terms of income and education. But they’re also achieving success even when compared with their American peers.

They have a median household income about equal to the general U.S. population at $58,000, and a similar percentage of second-generation immigrants and the general public own homes (64% versus 65%).

But in two areas, they’ve surpassed Americans who have been here for several generations: They are less likely to live in poverty, and have higher educational attainment.

That might be because second-generation Hispanics and Asian Americans — who make up the bulk of immigrants — place more importance on hard work and career success than the general public. But they are likely to consider themselves a “typical American” — six in 10 said so.

We know you know one (or 10) second-generation immigrants—there’s 19.7 million of them. So go give your Asian, Hispanic, African or Middle Eastern friend or colleague a high-five.

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