The Ten Best House Warming Gifts Under $50


The Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate cuts may be helping homeowners: Rates on 30-year mortgages dropped below 6% for the first time in more than a month. These lower rates could mean more new neighbors. (Make them feel welcome—on a budget. Here are ten of the best housewarming gifts under $50:

Jonathan Adler Wastebasket - $45 
A new place can never have too many wastebaskets, but sometimes hanging grocery bags on door handles is easier than buying one for every room. Jonathan Adler’s lacquered version comes in four bold colors and the mod style works just as easily in a bathroom as it does under a desk.

Tobias Wong’s Sun or Moon Jar - $44

This eco-friendly lamp uses a solar cell, rechargeable battery, and LEDs to provide solar powered lighting at night. It turns on automatically at the end of the day and emits a golden yellow or ethereal turquoise glow so that you can always leave one light on guilt free.

Betta Fish - $5.25

Anyone can handle a Betta or “Siamese Fighting” fish; they don’t even require an air pump. Colors range from neutral to psychedelic, so they’ll bring any room together. Just be sure not to put two in the same bowl because they’ve been known to fight to the death. 

Adhesive Numbers Metal Wall Clock - $39.95

If you haven’t seen your friend’s new place yet, check out this adhesive clock with free-floating numbers and notches that match any décor. The quartz movement seems to run by as if by magic and the design strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary.

Thomas Paul Throw Pillow - $40

Decorative pillows are the ultimate example of a small touch that can have major impact. The bold graphics of Paul Thomas’s vintage-inspired version will assert the gift giver’s good taste and inspire the recipient to decorate around it. It adds comfort, not to mention style, to any seat.

Stash Tea Chest with Herbal Tea - $45

This elegant mahogany stained tea chest contains 80 foil wrapped bags of Stash’s flavorful, high quality teas. The herbal selection is a safe bet for non-caffeine drinkers and includes unusual flavors such as Licorice Spice, Blueberry, Wild Blackcurrant, and Mango Passionfruit.

Original Artwork from - $0.20 and up is a website that specializes in handmade items with an art section that includes thousands of original works from emerging artists. Not every work is a masterpiece, but there are some great finds, and anything you choose has gotta be better than another framed poster of “Starry Night.”

Lucky Bamboo - $29.99

In China, living bamboo is said to bring good fortune. These four stems presented in a pretty little porcelain pot will at the very least bring a breath of fresh air to a new home. The best part? Long lasting Bamboo requires very little care.

Bob Vila Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tool Kit  -  $23.99

This no nonsense toolkit includes a level, wrench, groove joint pliers, long nose pliers, tape measure and a screwdriver set. Beef it up even more with an assortment of nails, screws, hooks, wire, and an adapter for an electrical outlet. It may not be romantic, but it’s undeniably practical.

Lands’ End Monogram Soap/Towel Gift Set - $48.50

Nothing says refinement like monogrammed soap and guest towels.  These six personalized jasmine and petal scented triple-milled soaps and dozen disposable hand towels all wrapped up in a bow are the ideal gesture for a formal gathering. The only downside: they’re almost too beautiful to use.


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