The Price of Dogs


Here's a breakdown of expenses new dog owners should anticipate.

Approximate one-time costs:

Purchase from a breeder: $800-$2,000

Adopt from a shelter or rescue group: $100-$250

Training crate: $50 to $150

Bowls, leash, toys and accessories: $35-$50

Carrier for small dogs: $45

Hammock or vehicle harness for larger dogs: $25 to $50

License: $10 to $20

Training class: $150

Microchip implant: $50, plus $20 to activate

Total one-time costs: $1,285 to $2,785

Approximate annual costs:

Food: $225 to $400

Treats, toys, accessories: $75

Veterinary care (non-emergency): $200-$300

Pet health insurance: $250-$550

Grooming: $200

Boarding (7 days): $140 to $420

Total annual costs: $1,090 to $1,945

Sources include the American Kennel Club, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, North Shore Animal League America and

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