Summer Jobs: Get One Now, Or Risk Unemployment


Looks like it’s going to be another cruel summer, and no, we aren’t talking about that Ace of Base song.

As reported by CNN Money, “Almost half of hiring managers -- 47% -- don't plan to hire any seasonal workers this summer” according to a survey conducted by That’s one percent higher than last year.

A majority of respondents also believe it will be a challenging environment for restless teens in search of work. So hit the local mall now to lock in employment for the summer. Here’s my tip: almost any job sounds cooler if you abbreviate the store’s name. RadioShack becomes the Shack, Orange Julius becomes Julius (which sounds like a hip night club), and so on. Tell one of your friends that you sling drinks at the Julius part-time, and they will be duly impressed.

Unfortunately, even when you snag that job, it isn’t likely to pay much: “According to the survey, the average summer job will still pay $10.20 an hour -- the same as last summer.”

That’s nineteen hours of work to buy those tight jeans you’ve been eyeing at Diesel or Nordstrom.

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