Stupid Fee Alert: $5 to Print a Boarding Pass


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Another day, another stupid airline fee. This one is courtesy of repeat offender Spirit Airlines (Stock Quote: SAVE).

Now, passengers on the budget airline will pay an extra $5 to have an agent print out their boarding pass at the airport.

Spirit Airlines is billing the new fee-ture as a way to save. According to the press release, passengers who check in online or at an airport kiosk will have $5 deducted from the price of the ticket. 

“If you choose to check in online you will save more than ever before,” Spirit’s Chief Marketing Officer Barry Biffle writes in the release. ”It's a win-win for everyone: more ways to save and only charging customers for services they actually use."

The $5 fee for printing a boarding pass is per person and will be applied to all domestic and international flights booked starting today for flights from Nov. 1 onward.

Spirit said that the fee will be waived in cities where it does not have airport check-in kiosks or if a customer is not able to use the automated kiosk to print their boarding pass. No matter what, beginning June 26, 2012, boarding passes printed at Spirit’s airport kiosks will no longer be free but will cost $1. Boarding passes from an agent will still cost $5.

Fees are somewhat of a Spirit Airlines specialty, with the airline charging consumers to take a carry-on bag, to pick their own seat and for failing to pay baggage fees in advance.

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