Study Discovers Hangover Molecule


Scientists have just discovered what will surely go down as the most hated part of the human body - the molecule that leads to hangovers.

The brain-signaling molecule, known as a neuropeptide, apparently causes us to experience withdrawal symptoms when the amount of alcohol in our bodies fluctuates significantly. The finding comes from a British study earlier this month that analyzed how the brains of worms respond to varying alcohol levels.

"Basically, when a worm brain (similarly, a human brain) is exposed to drinking over a long period of time, it becomes accustomed to certain intoxication levels. The brain experiences a series of withdrawal symptoms when the drinking stops," LiveScience reports.

It remains to be seen whether this finding will lead to a breakthrough in the way we treat hangovers. For now, the study did find that having "small doses" of alcohol the morning after drinking may be the most efficient way to ease a hangover. (Of course, we probably didn't need science to tell us that.) But there is a downside - this method could "increase the chances for alcohol dependency."

In the meantime, try not to overdo it when you go out drinking, but if you do wake up with an awful hangover, stay hydrated and consider one of these unusual remedies. I'll personally vouch for the greasy food method.

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