Student Loans Prompt Man to Sell Diploma


A Florida man tried to sell his college diploma on eBay earlier this week in a satirical attempt to pay off his student loans.

Nick Enlow, 29, listed his 2008 bachelor’s degree in psychology from Purdue University on the auction site for $36,000, plus $3.50 shipping and handling. No returns accepted.   

Enlow was selling the degree because it hadn’t helped him secure a job that would cover his $470 monthly loan payment to Sallie Mae. He is currently working as a substitute teacher in Jacksonville, Fla.

"The universities are handing out too many degrees that have zero real-world application," Enlow told the Lafayette Journal Courier, explaining that he put the degree on sale, in part, to start a dialogue about post-college debt and the worth of an education. "It seems to me, almost any major in the humanities or liberal arts will not gain you employment with a bachelor's degree."

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Interim Dean of Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts Irwin Weiser responded to the attempted sale.  "A degree in the liberal arts is not an automatic ticket to a job,” Weiser said. “Then again, no degree is.”

eBay deemed that the listing violated its terms of service agreement and the ad was removed from the site yesterday.  Enlow doesn’t plan to contest this decision, primarily because he got wanted he wanted. In addition to media attention, Sallie Mae has already contacted him to renegotiate his payment plan.

Interestingly, this not the first time someone has tried to sell their higher education diploma on eBay. In March, a San Francisco lawyer attempted to auction off his Georgetown Law Degree for 99 cents. This listing was also removed by eBay, but a similar posting appearing on the less stringent CraigsList ultimately netted the graduate $592.50.

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