Start a Magazine Co-op and Save


While we often align green living with having to spend more, the clever folks at Inhabitots have thought of ways that going green can actually save money. Most of their ideas are geared toward kids, but this one could work for anyone who is into magazines: The article suggests organizing a magazine co-op.

The idea is to gather five or so friends and assign a subscription to each person. While the magazine would be sent to each subscriber's home, there would be a schedule to rotate the mags each month. I don't know about you, but too often my magazines get lost in the shuffle and go unread. I'm not only wasting money; I'm wasting a lot of paper. Organizing a group like this would force me to read the magazines, and if I didn't get around to one of the bunch I wouldn't feel guilty about being wasteful.

I know some people like the freedom to rip out pages in their mags when they find something save-worthy, so a co-op might not be the best solution for everyone. Could you see yourself and one or more friends organizing a magazine trade?

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