Spring Brings Window Safety Concerns


NEW YORK (MainStreet) As temperatures heat up, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Safety Council want parents to take precautions with opening windows if there are children in the house.

The CPSC says an average of eight deaths occur for children age five or younger each year due to falling out of windows. In addition, about 3,300 children five years or younger were injured each year, according to the statistics.

The safety organizations attribute the deaths to children climbing on furniture near windows or pushing themselves against a window screen, which tends to happen in the spring and summer months.

CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says, “We want parents and caregivers to think ‘safety first’ before opening windows where young children are present. The deaths and life-altering injuries are heartbreaking and in many cases preventable.”

The organizations advise parents to supervise their children when playing around windows, avoid placing furniture near windows, open windows from the top or use window guards or stops so that windows do not open more than four inches. Quick-release mechanisms on window stops can also be helpful for preventing emergencies like fire.

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