Some Much-Needed Good News for Ohio


We came across a couple of bits of information that should make folks in Ohio smile.

First, on, the administration announced that more than $1 billion in stimulus dollars would be made available in Ohio to save teaching jobs and to spur education reform.

Also, JP Morgan Chase (Stock Quote: JPM) announced it would add 1,150 jobs in central Ohio, most of them in Columbus and a few in Westerville. According to the press release, “About 900 of the new jobs are telephone customer service positions serving Chase's consumer and home lending customers around the country. Other positions will support the company's technology, including its network of 14,000 ATMs.” You can apply online.

It’s probably worth noting that the Ohio’s economic picture isn’t entirely rosy, and is in fact worsening, according to a report by the Federal Reserve’s Cleveland banking district.

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