The Social Networks Recruiters Really Use to Hire People


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you don’t already incorporate social networks into your job search, you’re already playing catch-up.

The vast majority of recruiters (89%) used social media to find and hire workers this year, up from 83% who did in 2010, according to a new survey of more than 800 human resources and recruiting professionals from Jobvite, a software developer that creates hiring tools.

LinkedIn is the favorite social network hiring managers use to search for candidates, with 87% saying they used it for recruiting purposes, but other websites are catching up. Some 47% of hiring managers now use Twitter to find candidates, an increase of two percentage points from the year before, and more than half of recruiters (55%) used Facebook to vet candidates in 2011. YouTube and personal blogs are each used by less than 20% of recruiters, and are actually on the decline – despite the many incredible YouTube video resumes out there.

Still, LinkedIn proves to be by far the most successful social network for actually hiring applicants, with 94.5% of those survey saying they hired candidates they found on the site in 2011. By comparison, just a quarter of those surveyed said they had successfully hired a candidate through Facebook, and only 16% had done so through Twitter.

Even so, just having a carefully managed profile on each of these sites can make a difference in whether you get that dream job or not. Three quarters of those surveyed said they always search or occasionally search through the various online profiles of each candidate before hiring them.

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