Snooze App Lets You Give to Charity to Get More Sleep


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — One new iPhone application will make users more conscious of how often they hit the snooze button on their alarms in the morning.

Snooze, a free app that launched this week, lets users sign up to give a small 25-cent donation to charity every time they hit the snooze button on their phone’s alarm clock. You’ll end up giving a little extra money to charity each week, and by attaching a cost to snoozing, the app may just stop you from sleeping in too long so you get to work on time. Everybody wins.

The app was created by LetsGive, a network of charities that includes nonprofits like Music for Tomorrow, the Nature Conservancy and Once the user downloads the app, he or she will be asked to create an account with LetsGive. After that, each time the user hits the snooze button, he or she will automatically pledge 25 cents through that account.

While the goal of the app is certainly worthwhile, at least one early user noted that they had trouble finding the charities that received their donations. Perhaps in the next update, LetsGive can ping the user with a short invoice that says, “Congratulations, your sleep helped raise $1 this morning for this charity.” That should really wake you up.

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