Sexy Lingerie Battles for Market


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The bra and panty juggernaut Victoria's Secret, from Limited Brands Inc. (LTD), controls about 40% of the market share in the lingerie segment, but apparel entrepreneur Morgan Hermand-Waiche is trying to disrupt the intimates Goliath with Adore Me, the company he launched in 2012.

On What's wURKEN?, Hermand-Waiche described how he's positioning his company as the affordable Zara or H&M of lingerie and hitting a price point of $39.95 for a set by virtue of his vertically integrated corporate structure.

Take a peek inside the competitive underbelly of the "fit" and "fashion" underwear world in the video below, and find out about the membership-based online skivvies site.

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