See all 10 Best Picture Nominees for $45


The Academy Awards are this Sunday night, which means you don’t have very much time to catch up on all the nominated movies. To make things harder, this year, the best picture category has 10 nominees instead of the usual 5.

Luckily, AMC Entertainment is holding a Best Picture Showcase at dozens of theatres across the country. For 30 bucks, you can see five of the nominated movies tomorrow back-to-back-to… you get the point. Yes, that means you’d be watching five films in one day but that’s nothing compared to the deal AMC is offering at a few of these theatres.

If you live in New York, LA, Chicago, Washington or Toronto, you may be able to score tickets to see all ten films in a 24-hour mega movie marathon, all for $45. When you consider that movies these days can be as much as $12, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Plus, this ticket comes with a free large popcorn and “unlimited refills for the day.” And you’ll definitely need a lot of caffeine to keep you awake throughout all those movies.

Here’s the schedule, if you dare:

12:01AM:  AVATAR 3D

3:00AM:  A Serious Man

5:00AM:  Up 3D

7:00AM:  District 9

9:10AM:  Inglourious Basterds

12:00PM:  The Blind Side

2:30PM:  An Education

4:30PM:  Precious

7:00PM:  Up in the Air

9:30PM:  The Hurt Locker

Check the AMC Web site for more information about where you can catch both deals, but do it fast cause some theatres have already sold out. If anyone ends up doing this, please email us on Monday to let us know how it went.

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