Say Hello to the Burger King Meat Monster


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Americans have seen more than their fair share of extreme fast food in recent years, from pancakes stuffed with cheesecake to bacon sandwiched between chicken breasts instead of bread. But none of these dishes could have possibly prepared us for the newest addition to the list.

Burger King recently announced a new sandwich that consists of a burger patty, grilled chicken and three slices of bacon, all piled on top of each other along with several slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions added in for good measure. Customers will also have the option to add an egg patty into the mix, which might be useful if your goal is to eat a sandwich that effectively combines breakfast, lunch and dinner in one awe-inspiring meal.

Burger King has appropriately labeled this sandwich the Meat Monster, and we’re pretty sure this monster will terrorize your arteries for years after you eat it.

But don’t run for the hills just yet. The burger will only be available at Burger King stores in Japan. Still, we can’t help but believe that eventually the Meat Monster will find its way to our shores so that every American has the opportunity to have it their way. And yes, by “it,” we mean a heart attack.

(Hat tip to TheConsumerist for sighting the monster)

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