RyanAir to Charge Per-Pee Fee?


A $3 bottle of water? Fine. $6 for a pillow? So be it. $25 to check in an extra bag? I kind of want to scream. But fine.

But now one airline has officially crossed the line. RyanAir’s CEO Michael O’Leary mentioned at a press conference last week that the carrier’s passengers will soon need to pay one British pound for using the bathroom on the aircraft (Stock Quote: RYAAY).  And cash is not welcome.  You must pay with plastic. O’Leary bets he’ll rake in some 15 million pounds with this disgusting idea.

Now, O'Leary insisted Thursday he was not joking. But on Saturday he told a tourism conference, “It is not likely to happen, but it makes for interesting and very cheap PR,” according to the The Irish Times. So we'll have to wait and see how serious he was.

But before you start speculating about whether American Airlines (Stock Quote: AMR), Southwest (Stock Quote: LUV), Jet Blue (Stock Quote: JBLU) or Delta (Stock Quote: DAL) will jump on the idea and start charging a toilet fee, know this: Withholding the loo from customers would thankfully not be allowed in the United States.  It’s against federal law.

At least passengers can still get access to their vomit bags for free. For now.

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