Rollerblades Recalled on Fall Concerns


Remember Rollerblades? They were such a great way to get around in the ‘90s. They were almost as fast as bikes, but you could take them on sidewalks and just stick them in your backpack when you got where you were going. They looked really cool, and you could do some sweet jumps off curbs and handicap ramps. Now for some reason they’re considered as dorky as, well, roller skates. I miss Rollerblades.

Well, evidently some people are still Rollerblading, because Rollerblade USA issued a voluntary recall Tuesday of 29,000 of its “Spark” and “Spitfire” models. It seems that frame mounting bolts and wheel axle bolts on some of the new skates were loose when they came out of the box. The company received 31 reports of loose bolts, including one report of minor injuries when a skater fell. The following models sold between September 2009 and July 2010 are affected:

•         Spark Pro, Men's (SKU# 00792200816), Black
•         Spark Pro, Women's (SKU# 007923007E2), Anthracite (Grey)
•         Spark 80, Men's (SKU# 00702800956), Black
•         Spark 80, Women's (SKU# 007029009A6), Anthracite (Grey)
•         Spitfire, Boy's (SKU# 00705500741), Black
•         Spitfire, Girl's (SKU# 007056007Y8), Silver
•         Spitfire S, Boy's (SKU# 00705700956), Black
•         Spitfire S, Girl's (SKU# 007058009A7), Anthracite (Grey)
•         Spitfire LX, (SKU# 00705000955), Silver

Unlike many recalls, though, this one doesn’t actually ask people to return the product. The company simply asks owners to immediately inspect the affected bolts to ensure that they’re tight, and tighten them with the included allen wrench if necessary. Video instructions are available on Rollerblade USA’s website, and if you need more information you can call the company at (800) 232-7655. 

Please don’t let this little incident put you off Rollerblading. It’s really fun. Especially when disco music is playing.

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