The Rise of the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree


As college education costs continue to rise, more universities are offering bachelor’s degrees in just three years, meaning substantial savings for some of the more motivated students.

In the past month alone, Arcadia University and Holy Family University, along with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in partnership with Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia Southwestern State University have begun offering a condensed college experience beginning this fall, according to USA Today.

That could save kids up to about $50,000 in school fees, according to The Christian Science Monitor. (And add to that a year of work experience, potentially.)

Only 53% of undergraduate students get their college degree in 6 years, USA Today reports, and fewer in four, but with the possibility of graduating in six semesters, industrious students or those who are daunted by the thought of hefty school loans are likely to be drawn to these shorter but just as rigorous programs.

Bates College in Maine and Judson College in Alabama, for example, have offered three-year bachelor’s programs for decades, says USA Today, but given the recession, we expect the trend to continue to grow.

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