Recessionista Chronicles: Get Ski Gear At Outlets, Not Retailers


I’m prepping for my first ski trip since 1996, but have no appropriate outerwear to keep me warm and stylish while gliding down the slopes of Mount Pocono.

But who wants to spend $300 on a ski jacket? Especially since I’m averaging one ski trip every 13 years. Instead, I’m letting the steeply discounted coats, vests and sweaters at Patagonia’s Outlet in Dillon, Mont., come to my rescue. The store’s bimonthly email alerts list all their discounted goodies. This week I’ve got my eye on this Nanuq Jacket, which normally retails for $349, but is on sale for $90, or 75% off.

Can’t make it out to the Big West? No worries. The friendly sales associate tells me all I need to do is either call in my order at (406) 683-2580 or fax it to (406) 683-2619. (Emails are not accepted.)

But you have to be nimble! The low prices are only available during the store’s special sale dates, which run for two weeks at a time.

To get on the store’s email alert list, you can email them at But the sales associate told me it’s best to call them directly at the store. It takes a few weeks before you start getting their emails.

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