Recall Watch: Dunkin Donuts Drink Gets Spiked


Be careful where you dunk your donuts.

Donut and coffee chain Dunkin Donuts has stopped selling its hot chocolate and Dunkaccino beverages after a supplier recalled several milk products on salmonella fears. 

While Dunkin Donuts says that none of its products were contaminated, it decided to stop selling the drinks as a precaution.  The company says it expects to resume sales of its hot chocolate and Dunkaccino drinks shortly, according to the Associated Press.

Dunkin Donuts’ supplier, Plainview Milk Products Cooperative, recalled instant nonfat dried milk, whey protein and thickening agents that it manufactured in the past two years because of possible contamination.  Plainview said that product tests didn’t find salmonella, but tests of its facilities did.

There were no reports of illness related to the products, and the products aren’t sold directly to the public, the company says.

Additionally, Stop & Shop Supermarkets are recalling some of its nonfat dried milk products as a part of the Plainview recall.  The recalled products include 16- and 32-ounce packages of Stop & Shop brand Nonfat Dried Milk which were produced with the Plainview milk that may contain salmonella bacteria.

Consumers who’ve bought the affected milk products should throw away unused portions and bring their receipt to any Stop & Shop for a full refund. For more information, you can call Stop & Shop’s corporate brands hotline at (877) 846-9949(800) 767-7772.

The Plainview and Stop & Shop recalls and halt in Dunkaccino and hot chocolate sales come amid several recalls and warnings of E. coli contamination in beef and cookie dough and after reports of salmonella contamination in pistachios in April.

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